Mentega Wisjman – 454gr


Wisjman Butter – 454gr

Mentega Wisjman

Special untuk bikin kue.

In Indonesia, people call it foreign tourists butter. It is known, this Dutch butter comes from cow’s milk fat which is traditionally processed, without the addition of chemicals in the production of this butter.

Wijsman itself is a concentrated butter and contains high milk fat. This makes the cake taste better.

Butter Wisman (wijsman) is a rich, salty butter. This butter is not just any kind of butter because it is made with a certain aroma. In addition to giving a distinctive aroma, the content in this butter can also be used to add delicacy to the taste of the cake, including making the top layer of the cake more shiny.

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The famous red, gold and green butter cans of the Wijsman brand. the Wijsman ‘sweetcream’ salted butter has been one of the most respected dairy products from the Netherlands.

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