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Tolak Angin 1 Box (12 Sachet) Jamu Sido Muncul Obat Herbal.

– Indonesian Herbal Syrup for Cold Treatment 12 Sachets @ 15 Ml

Tolak Angin / Reject wind is useful for overcoming colds, with symptoms such as nausea, flatulence, and fever or chills. Reject Angin is sold freely in pharmacies or supermarkets in the form of liquid, powder, and candy.

In overcoming colds, there are several main ingredients contained in cold repellents, namely fennel (Foeniculi fructus), ginger (Zingiberis rhizome), mint leaves (Menthae arvensitis herb), clove leaves (Caryophylli folium), ules wood (Isorae fructus) , and honey (Mel depuratum).

Colds are actually not known in the medical world. Colds are a collection of symptoms from various viral infections, which resemble flu symptoms. The most common viral infection is the common cold (cough with the common cold). This disease can actually heal itself without special treatment.

Reject Liquid Wind
This product is used to treat the symptoms of a common cold cough.

About Reject the Wind
Active Ingredients Fennel, ginger, mint leaves, ules wood, and honey.
Herbal medicine class
Benefits Overcoming colds
OTC drug category Consumed by adults and children
Category of Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Category N: Not yet categorized. It is not known the effect of Reject Wind on pregnant and lactating women. Consult your doctor first before using this product.
Liquid, tablet, powder, tablet form.

Excessive consumption of ginger, one of the ingredients in Tolak Angin, can worsen the condition of people with heart problems, lower blood sugar levels, and increase the risk of bleeding.
Honey as one of the Reject Wind ingredients is not recommended for babies under 1 year of age because of the risk of causing poisoning.
The use of fennel, which functions like the hormone estrogen, can aggravate sufferers of disorders related to the hormone estrogen, such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, or endometriosis.
For people who are allergic to the ingredients in Tolak Angin or other ingredients, you should first consult a doctor before using this product.

Wind Resistant Interactions and Side Effects
Until now, the side effects and interactions of Reject Wind with other drugs are not known with certainty. However, the content of fennel in Tolak Angin is thought to trigger interactions if it is used simultaneously with:

Medicines containing the hormone estrogen, for example birth control pills or tamoxifen.
Anticoagulant drugs.
calcium antagonist type hypertension.
Medicine for diabetes.

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