Ragi Tempe – 80gr


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Ragi Tempe 80gr

Repack / repack with food grade bags and food grade silica gel, so they can be more durable to store again.

1x to make tempe takes about 1.64 grams of yeast to be 80 grams can be about 48 times to make tempeh.

Repacked hygienically, packaging in plastic with food grade standards, plus silica gel, the quality is maintained when stored and sealed tightly when shipped.

How to make tempeh:


370 grams of good quality soybeans. The best soybeans to make tempeh evenly yellow., Has a nearly perfect round shape, is dry., Looks quite mature, looks and feels solid in your hands 1/3 teaspoon Raprima tempeh yeast (1.64 grams) 1 tablespoon rice flour Cara Make Tempe: Wash soybeans, then soak for 5 hours.

Boil the soybeans for 25 minutes Then soak them overnight. The next day remove the soybean skin / husk by gently bending the soybeans, then wash thoroughly & drain well. Boil the soybeans again for 5-10 minutes, this purpose is to sterilize the soybeans. Mix rice flour & raprima yeast, then sprinkle evenly on the soybeans. Enter the soybeans in step 5 into banana leaves or plastic wrap.

If you are using transparent plastic wrap don’t forget to put a small hole in the plastic, this will give the wrap a little air, but don’t put too many holes in the plastic. Cover the wrap with a clean, dry cloth and keep it out of the sun.

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