Pondan – Chiffon Pandan – 400gr


Pondan Chiffon Pandan – 400gr
Baking Mix

Pandan flavour cake premix. No added preservatives. Only need simple ingredients and baking procedures. HALAL food.

The combination of pandan and cake is really a delicacy.

Easy to make and the result is a amazing soft Chiffon cake.

Pandan refers to a herbaceous tropical plant native to South-East Asia. We love it for its unique flavour and sweet fragrance, which makes it popular for cooking as well as baking purposes. Whole pandan leaves can be used to infuse liquids such as sweet soups with its fragrance and flavour.

The original pandan cake common in Indonesia, the Netherlands and Singapore are usually soft sponge cake akin to light and fluffy chiffon cake, made without any additional coating or frosting. ] The other variant are actually derived from other cake recipe with similarity only in the usage of green pandan flavouring extract.

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