Mie Sedap Mie Goreng Rasa Mie Ayam Istimewa

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Mie Sedap mie goreng rasa mie ayam istimewa

Mie Sedaap is one of the leading instant noodle brands. Mie Sedaap is made with superior quality ingredients from natural and fresh spices and ingredient formulations. Mie Sedaap has been widely accepted for its satisfying approach. It is famous for its springiness noodles and kriuk-kruik fried onions. Mie Sedaap is the best instant noodle in town because your taste buds seek only the best taste and never lie to your recipe. Mie Sedaap is the only diamond noodle that has received ISO 22000 recognition. Mie Sedaap will continue to develop new, exciting flavors to meet different consumer demands.

Mie Sedaap as the only noodle product that has ISO 22000 certification and is one of the leading instant noodle products in Indonesia, comes with various delicious and delicious flavors to be an alternative to practical dishes on your dining table.

Mie Sedaap Mie Ayam Special is one of the variants of Mie Sedaap noodle soup which is processed with a complete broth seasoning and a special savory taste of chicken broth. Produced and processed hygienically under the strict supervision of experts, Mie Sedaap Mie Ayam Special is also enriched with 7 vitamins. The texture of the noodles, which is more chewy and doesn’t soften quickly, complete with the addition of crispy fried onions will give more pleasure to your tongue.

Feel the delicious Mie Sedaap Mie Ayam Special with a savory broth taste combined with crispy fried onions with family and friends. Great Broth, Satisfied Delicious! It will be more delicious when eaten when the weather is cold or rainy.

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