Bubuk Temu Kunci / Finger Root 54gr


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Bubuk Temu Kunci / Finger Root

Temu Kunci is a plant that is included in the spice category. there are essential oils such as cineol, camphor, d-borneol, d-pinen sesquiterpene, zingiberen, curcumin, zedoarin and starch.
The following are the benefits of keys for health:
1. Cold medicine
2. Difficulty urinating
3. As a medicine for vaginal discharge

Temu Kunci (Boesenbergia pandurata) or what is also called fingerroot contains various bioactive components that are associated with its health benefits. Benefits of Temu Kunci for health: 1. Has an antibacterial effect 2. Has an antioxidant effect 3. Helps overcome dental and oral problems. How to use: 1. Add 3gr of temu Kunci to 200ml of hot water 2. Add 3 tablespoons of honey, stir until mixed. 3. Wait 3-4 minutes 4. Ready to drink.

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