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Biscuit Nostalgia from the 70s.
Ready for Ramadhan & Lebaran Eid.
Gem Rose Biscuits or commonly known as Kancing Kue Jadoel or Monas Biscuit a family snack.

Do you still remember these old school cookies? The classic cake that we eat the most on top of when we were little turned out to be royal icing. Gem rose is an old biscuit, has a tiny round shape, with a cold topping of bright colors of sugar, green, blue, yellow, pink, white, brown, etc. The taste of this cake is crunchy sweet. In each area this cake has a different name. Some call it monas cake, in Bandung it is called button cake, gem rose, in Jogja, Yogyakarta it is called udel cake, in Bogor it is called confectionery cake or sugar cake, in Solo, Surakarta, Central Java it is called cuplis cake, unyil bangjo cake in Klaten, birthday cake (mayestik), flower gem, flower parem in Pekalongan, pastries, monas cookies (monas cookies), ring stone cake, biscuits, to Iced Gem biscuits at United Kingdonm UK (UK). monas cookies. Whatever the name of this traditional cookie, it remains a fond memory for all of our childhood during elementary school first elementary school. If the history of the origin of this cake, it is not clear who created it and who made it for the first time and from what area.
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