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Snow White crescent moon cookie cutter.
content: 6 holes
specifications: 4cm × 5.5cm × 13cm

The stainless steel cookie / snow princess mold with star-shaped wooden handles is easy to use.
Stainless aluminum material.

This kastengel mold is for forming snow white cookies / cookies easily and quickly. Also can be used for other cookies that want a sickle style.

Snow princess cookies are the favorite pastries of Indonesian families during Eid Al-Fitr or Christmas.

Snow white cake is a type of cookie shaped like a crescent moon and topped with powdered sugar like snow. Snow princess cake is made from wheat flour, cornstarch, butter and baked egg yolks and topped with powdered sugar. This cake is popular because it tastes good, tasty and cold when you bite it.

Ingredients for the Snow White Cake Recipe.

The main ingredient that must be prepared this time is 500 grams of wheat flour, which is smooth and soft. It is better if the flour is filtered first so that the result is really soft.
50 grams to 60 grams of Maizena Flour or Corn Flour.
500 grams of Margarine.
Half a teaspoon of table salt.
3 eggs to 5 eggs (depending on the size, just take the yolk).
350 grams to 500 grams of Fine Powdered White Sugar to coat the cake.
For variety, friends can prepare 300 grams of Grated Cheese for sprinkling on top of the cake or 150 grams of peanuts in the oven and roughly chopped. You can also use cashews.

How to make a quick and easy Snow White Cake Recipe
The first step, take a large enough container. Add 500 grams of margarine and beat until margarine expands.
Add the Cornstarch and 500 grams of flour that has been sifted into the container above. While shaking again until fluffy, add 1/2 a small spoon of table salt.
Enter one by one 3 to 5 chicken eggs into the mixture. Shake again and make sure all the dough is well mixed and expands perfectly. At this stage, if you really want to provide a variety of peanuts or grated cheese, you can add these ingredients and then mix them again until they are completely blended.
Shape the dough above according to taste. Want to be shaped like a general form of Snow White Cheese Cake or maybe you want to shape it like a love shape, circle or other shape. If you have cookie cutters with cute shapes, those molds will work too. Please create according to your imagination.
The next step is to heat the grill or oven until it feels hot enough or the temperature inside is around 160 degrees to 170 degrees. Bake the molds on about 14 minutes to 15 minutes. Use low heat so that it is evenly cooked.
It remains only to wait for the Snow White Cookies to ripen. After it is cooked, stay in a bandage or sprinkled with powdered white sugar until it is completely wrapped.

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