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Di Indonesia, kolangkaling juga sering disebut sebagai buah atap atau buah aren. Buah satu ini berwarna putih transparan, berbentuk lonjong, dan bertekstur kenyal. Jika diolah menjadi minuman, kolangkalingmemiliki rasa yang menyegarkan.

In Indonesia, the fruit of the roof or palm fruit is also often referred to. This one fruit is transparent white, oval shaped, and has a chewy texture. If processed into drinks, they have a refreshing taste.

X.O. AttapĀ  In Syrup Canned Fruit [565 g] is a canned Attap fruit drink that has the natural freshness of Attap fruit in syrup. Made from the best composition to get the natural taste of selected fruits. Create freshness wherever you are by consuming canned fresh fruit which has the original taste of the best selected fruit.

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