Loyang Chiffon Cake – 22cm


Loyang Chiffon Cake Mold

Size 22cm

the chiffon pan is specially designed for chiffon cake. The legs of the pan, the hole in the middle, and the bottom of the pan that can be opened are three important things that make chiffon successfully made. When the chiffon dough is baked, the hole in the middle serves to ripen the cake dough as a whole so that it has the same texture between the center and the edge of the cake. This also makes the chiffon texture feel light and soft.

Once cooked, the chiffon that has just come out of the oven is turned over to the pan so it doesn’t come flat. Well, the legs of the pan serve to hold the pan from coming into contact with the table surface when it is turned over. In other words, the legs of the pan allow for air circulation which makes the chiffon shape perfectly round. Therefore, the chiffon pan should not be greased with margarine or anything coated so that the cake does not sag when the pan is turned over.

After the chiffon cake has cooled, the pan needs to be opened at the bottom so that the cake can come out more easily and without scuffing. When opened the bottom, pull the part until the cake is separated from the pan wall. You don’t need to worry if you pull the funnel hole because you can remove it later without damaging the appearance of the cake.

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