Indonesian Online Food Pertama di Irlandia Indonesian Online Food Pertama di Irlandia was established in November 2019. The first Indonesian online food shop in Ireland.

The reason to create was mainly due to the lack of Indonesian seasoning & snacks in Ireland.

Long before opened, Irene already had begun with Toko in 2007 also selling Indonesian food and snacks online. At that time, not many people were using social media like today or bought online. However, in 2009 Toko Betawi had to close down due to Irene moving to Indonesia to open Irish Pubs.

Then, in 2019 Shaqira, (Irene’s first daughter) asked to start again the online business, so Tokobetawi was reborn as

After a family discussion, what’s the best name for the reborn Toko Betawi, Niall Barrett (Irene’s son-in-law) came up with the name MAKAN, which means eat in Indonesian.

Expect new developments for over the next few months with a new warehouse in the planning.